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First Impressions Count – There Are No Do-Overs


First Impressions Are Made in 5 Seconds By Tonya Wells – It’s an unconscious thing that we all do, but everyone makes automatic assumptions about someone within the first 5 seconds that we see them. It’s not intentional. It’s just automatic. There is something within our subconscious that takes in ...

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Comparison Chart of the Top 5 Resume Builder Software Applications

Resume Builder - Resume Format

By Tonya Wells -If you are currently working on revamping your resume, you might want to consider using resume builder software to speed up your efforts and improve the overall quality of your final resume. Below you will find a comparison chart of the Resume Builder Software that I recently ...

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Slighted on a Promotion? Don’t Turn in Your Notice Yet!

No Promotion

By Tonya Wells – Today is Promotion Day. You’ve been counting down the days for months now fully expecting to finally get that promotion to Manager, Sr. Manager, Director, Vice President, up to ‘fill in the blank’ job title. But, an hour ago, you were told that it’s just not happening this year. Your company overlooked ...

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