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ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 15 (Download) Review – Resume Builder Series

Resume Builder Series

By Tonya Wells -One of the corporations who has produced the most options for resume builder / resume software is Individual Software, Inc. They are the makers of ResumeMaker Professional 15, available in a PC download version from Amazon.com here. Version 15 was released August 7, 2009, so beware of using any of the salary information.

There are newer versions of this software available with better pricing, so I will be upfront and frank with you on this one. I don’t know why on earth you’d want to buy this version when there are several versions available that are newer and with more bells and whistles.

List Price: $29.99

Price on Amazon: $29.99

Availability: Immediate Download


ResumeMaker Professional 15 Download
ResumeMaker Professional 15 (Download) – Click Here to Buy it Now!

ResumeMaker Professional 15 comes with a Guided Resume Wizard and Cover Letter Wizard that you can utilize, or you can look through the resume samples and templates provided and put together your resume outside the wizard. It’s up to you.
It also comes with a selection of over 1,250 resume samples that were written by professional resume writers. These are a good starting point, and you can customize the resume from there, combine different suggestions from different resume samples, or add whatever unique qualifications you possess yourself.

ResumeMaker Professional 15 also comes with Power / Actions phrases and Keywords that will help you come up with effective phrases to put in your resume to describe your skills and experience.

If you already have an existing resume, you can import it into ResumeMaker from Word, PDF, and HTML and make your edits there. You also have powerful formatting tools available to improve your existing resume format and layout.

Resumes can also be exported in Word, PDF, and HTML format, although Word is the recommended format to export and provide to recruiters.

This version of ResumeMaker does not come with a resume analyzer that will make suggestions for improvement, and provide you with a report of the recommended changes like more recent versions do.

Professional 15 does have some limited Job Search features, but on a smaller scale than Professional 17 and Ultimate 4 and Ultimate 6. In these more recent versions, they also offersa Targeted Job Search feature that will allow you to search all the major job sites, 50,000 corporate sites, and classified ads to locate jobs that might be a fit for you. And, they also offer a Mobile App feature that will allow you to search jobs on the go as well. You can also set up a Job Alert in the more recent versions to notify you of new jobs that are posted which might be a match for you. In the more recent versions, ResumeMaker also provides you with a Job Applicant InfoSheet that ensures you have all the information you need at your fingertips in order to fill out just about any job application. Most of this does not exist in Professional 15.

ResumeMaker Professional 15 provides a Contact Manager to track the employers to whom you’ve already applied, on what date you applied, and any contact information you may have been provided from the application process.

Sample interview questions and answers are also provided so that you can make sure that you are prepared once you do snag that all-important interview.

A Salary Calculator is also provided, although I think you might be able to find more updated information on a website such as salary.com. Be careful not to rely too much on the salaries provided in ResumeMaker.

This version does not offer the social networking feature to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offered in the newer versions.


– An older version of ResumeMaker that does have guided wizards, but with not as many bells and whistles as the newer versions
– Comes with a lot of resume and cover letter samples
– Interview questions and answers provided to help you prepare for your interview
– Job search tool to help you search multiple job search engines at once, although not as many as more current versions of ResumeMaker
– Contact Manager to help you track all of your submissions


– This is a much older version of ResumeMaker. A newer version, Professional Ultimate 4 is available for $23.98 on Amazon as opposed to the $29.99 price of this version. For just $10 more, you can add all sorts of functionality by going with Ultimate 6, the newest version of ResumeMaker.
– Salary information may be outdated since the software is a couple of years old
– Resumes might need tweaking in Microsoft Word once they are completed here

If you’d like to buy ResumeMaker Professional 15, you can Click Here to Buy it Now!



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