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Tattoo Cover-Up: Can Company Dress Codes Ban Tattoos in the Workplace?

Dress Code Tattoo Cover Up

By Tonya Wells – Can your employer’s dress code ban you from showing your tattoos at work or force you to wear cover-up make-up over them? To make a long story short, yes they can, as long as the tattoos are not worn for religious or cultural reasons. A long ...

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Top 10 Interview Questions You Shouldn’t Ask a Potential Employee

By Tonya Wells – I get asked all the time for a list of interview questions that are illegal for companies to ask during a job interview. Some interview questions are just in poor taste, and some are not EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) compliant and are not legal to ask a potential ...

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How to Deal With Personal Hygiene Issues At Work

Stinky Employees

Personal Hygiene Issues By Tonya Wells – I don’t care what culture you are from, if you have a medical condition, or if you just don’t like wearing it –nobody wants to have to deal with sitting next to or in meetings with a stinky employee. As a recruiter of ...

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