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Comparison Chart of the Top 5 Resume Builder Software Applications

By Tonya Wells -If you are currently working on revamping your resume, you might want to consider using resume builder software to speed up your efforts and improve the overall quality of your final resume.

Below you will find a comparison chart of the Resume Builder Software that I recently reviewed here. I am a visual person, so sometimes seeing things side by side is helpful for me. If you’d like to find out more information about each application, there is a link at the bottom of the table which will take you to the Product Detail page on Amazon so that you can read more about it. You can also click on the Reviews link at the bottom of the table to see what other people had to say about the product.


I also have expanded reviews of each product here:

1) ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 17

2) ResumeMaker Ultimate 6

3) WinWay Resume Deluxe

4) ResumeMaker Professional Ultimate 4

5) ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 15

Something that I did notice in the reviews of these products is that many of the reviewers complained that the resume builder software did not do more of the resume building work for them. As I mentioned here, that’s not what these applications are designed to do. They are designed to kick-start the process by giving you something other than a blank piece of paper. The main thing that they do is provide excellent resume and cover letter (curriculum vitae) samples and templates. Even if you didn’t use the software’s other functionality, you’d more than get your money’s worth with any of these applications by simply having a solid, professional looking template to start with, and plenty of samples that can give you some ideas of the types of experience you might want to include in your own resume.

So, take a look, and please feel free to contact me directly at careers@allyresourcegroup.com if you’d like help with your resume, or you can go to my company website Fix-My-Resume page if you’d like to understand more about the Resume Services I provide.

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My name is Tonya Wells, and I am the founder of Ally Resource Group, a 100% Woman-Owned Executive Search Firm and founder and writer for one of the most popular job blogs on the internet, BlogAboutJobs. I am an AIRS ECRE (Elite Certified Recruiting Expert), ACIR (Advanced Certified Internet Recruiter), CIR (Certified Internet Recruiter), PRC (Professional Recruiter Certification), CDR (Certified Diversity Recruiter), and CSSR (Certified Social Sourcing Recruiter) Certified Recruiter. AIRS is the gold standard for recruiting certification in the staffing and recruiting industry. I have 18+ years of sales and recruiting experience in a variety of industries. My firm provides retained searches, career coaching, and resume critiques/makeovers. I work with my clients to understand their organization’s pain, and goals to find talent, particularly passive candidates. As a career advisor, I work with job hunters to assist with interview preparation, find new and more satisfying career paths, and I work with VC start-ups and entrepreneurs to assist them with developing and executing their business strategy. I am also an author of several job-related Ebooks, and run several blog sites, including BlogAboutJobs. I also do guest writing for other people’s blog sites and for industry sites, and I do reviews of other people’s products and services and write about them on my blog site. If you’d like for me to write a review about one of your products or services, please connect with me, and let me know what your main objective is with having me write a review for you so that I can make sure to cover everything you’d like to have covered in the blog post. Please message me at tonya.wells@allyresourcegroup.com if you need assistance finding employees, with critiquing or doing a makeover of your resume or if you need career coaching because you are changing careers, looking for job advice with things such as salary or commission negotiations or promotions, or need help with a career search.

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