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First Impressions Count – There Are No Do-Overs


First Impressions Are Made in 5 Seconds By Tonya Wells – It’s an unconscious thing that we all do, but everyone makes automatic assumptions about someone within the first 5 seconds that we see them. It’s not intentional. It’s just automatic. There is something within our subconscious that takes in ...

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Interview Tips: Top 10 Things That Can Irritate a Recruiter or Hiring Manager

By Tonya Wells – BlogAboutJobs.com recently conducted a survey with over 200 recruiters and hiring managers worldwide. We received a lot of feedback, and the results are published here. These recruiters and hiring managers were asked to submit their Top 10 Things That Irritate Them the Most About a Candidate ...

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Top 10 Interview Tips That Will Make You More Placeable

interview tips

By Tonya Wells – Finding a job is often an exhaustive process of searching corporate job boards, job search engines, and classifieds for available job openings. And to make matters worse, you are one of thousands of people who are also looking for a job in the exact same market. ...

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Top 10 Interview Shoe Tips – Interview Shoes to NOT Wear

Womens Shoes - Don't!

Interview Shoes By Tonya Wells – I have been in the recruiting business for many years now, and I can’t tell you how many people have lost me the minute I walked out to the lobby to bring them back to our conference room for their interview. The interview starts ...

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