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Top 10 Technical Interview Questions Prep Books


How to Prepare for a Technical Interview By Tonya Wells – Preparing for a technical interview can be very stressful. You have no idea what questions are going to get asked from the vast array of software development concepts that are part of the possible interview question pool. This article ...

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Top 10 Interview Tips That Will Make You More Placeable

interview tips

By Tonya Wells – Finding a job is often an exhaustive process of searching corporate job boards, job search engines, and classifieds for available job openings. And to make matters worse, you are one of thousands of people who are also looking for a job in the exact same market. ...

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Top 10 Interview Questions You Shouldn’t Ask a Potential Employee

By Tonya Wells – I get asked all the time for a list of interview questions that are illegal for companies to ask during a job interview. Some interview questions are just in poor taste, and some are not EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) compliant and are not legal to ask a potential ...

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