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Top 10 Best Books For Interview Questions and Answers and Tips


By Tonya Wells – If you are one of the following individuals, this list will give you a solid list of Headhunter Recommended books that you should check out: Managers getting ready to conduct their first interview to hire an employee College students beginning the post-college career search Experienced professionals ...

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Charisma – What is it and How to Project It

Charisma – Do You Need It? By Tonya Wells – Charisma is one of the primary traits needed to influence others. In future articles, we will be taking a look at other traits required to influence others, but this article will focus strictly on charisma. What is it? How do ...

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Top 20 Things You Can Do to Project More Charisma

What is Charisma? By Tonya Wells – We all know it when we see it. It is instantaneous personal magnetism that some individuals seem to possess as a natural born gift. They draw others to them, are fun to be around, and they make you feel like you are instantly ...

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