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Top 5 Creepy Things to Not Put on Your Resume

By Tonya Wells – In an attempt to get hired, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. However, there are some things that even to a recruiter just scream of desperation. And, desperation is a turn-off to everyone, so try not to go overboard in your attempt to get hired. 1) ...

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Resume Format – How Long Should Your Resume Be?

Resume Builder - Resume Format

The #1 Resume Format Question I Get Asked! By Tonya Wells – One of the most common questions I receive from job seekers is about their resume format – specifically, how long their resume should be. How many pages a resume should be really depends on how long you have ...

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Top 10 Job Search Engines to Help You Find a Job

Top 10 Job Boards

Top 10 Job Search Engines List By Tonya Wells – With the dizzying amount of job search engines that are available on the Internet today, you could spend weeks, even months, and still not get to all of them. Some job search engines are specific to certain job types or ...

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